I started my career in tech developing games for fun at the 14's with Ruby, where I learned logic and coding in general.

Then I did Web Development with Javascript, HTML/CSS, PHP, Wordpress.

After 2020, I started to learn UX/UI Design. and now I'm working with Webflow Design and Development bringing code and design skills to the project



I’m Avishka but you can call me Avi.

A question that I get asked often is - why photography?

Towards the last few years in school, I became known as the kid that always had a camera by his side.

What started off as a hobby has grown to be my passion project, for life. I could freeze a moment in time for people who are in love, capturing moments of fun, passion and connection.

I love being challenged by the creative thought process of being a photographer and constantly strive to capture beautiful moments that my clients can cherish.

I always provide the most stress free experience for my clients - whether it be an intimate family shoot or a big wedding. I always believe in being present in the moment and enjoying every bit of it.

A little more about me - I was born and raised in Sri Lanka and moved to Melbourne in 2019. Apart from taking photos, I love anything to do with cars, music and food. Cars, because I love driving faster than average (on closed roads, away from people, of course), music because I play the drums and love attending live shows, and food, because I mean. who doesn't like to eat right?

Well, that sums a bit about me.I'm looking forward to working with you and freeze those beautiful unscripted moments, together


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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jan 2021–today

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jan 2020–today

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Colombo, Sri Lanka

Feb 2016–today


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The palm-tree paradise of Pearl Island in The Bahamas
The beautiful countryside of the Peak District
Beautiful tonal blue basketball court in Miami
Top down view of a flat white coffee
Bryn's colourful skateboard
Surfing into the sunset in Carcavelos, Portugal
Tapas plates of ceviche, oysters and salmon
Bryn mid-air, snowboarding in Whistler
Paddleboarding off the beach of Barcelona
An ambient James Blake festival performance
Two clownfish swimming around Malaysian coral
An autumnal view towards London's city skyline